Inner work is the key to transform ourselves and our experience. From stress to balance, overthinking to clarity, resistance to ease, fear to freedom and chaos to peace.

– Christine Samuel

My Story

About Christine

I used to suffer from high-functioning anxiety and experienced a constant inner battle in everything I did. 

I always worried that I was going to mess things up and just felt that I wasn’t good enough. So everything I did, I did it to the extreme and made sure everything was done properly. But while I was doing my best, I constantly doubted my own ability. I didn’t even trust myself in locking my front door. I found myself frequently going back to check if my front door was locked. It took a lot of energy and enormous pressure to operate as me. Stress was my normal daily state.

I moved up in my professional career, but being in a constant state of fight and flight mode came with an expensive cost. In my early 30s, I developed an autoimmune disease that destroyed my skin pigments. I was told it would get worse. I also developed chronic neck and back pain due to the tensions in my body.

Looking for a creative outlet, I went back to my childhood passion. Dance. I decided to take classical East Indian Dance training. 

In dancing, I felt I was moving forward. But in some part of my life, I still felt stuck. I had countless dreams, business ideas, and attempts to improve myself, but hardly any of them became a reality. My head and body, my idea and action seemed disconnected.

Until one day, during a process of writing down and connecting to my inner purpose, values, and passions, I realized I could apply the same philosophy and experience in movements to other parts of my life. Life is movements after all.

I started listening within through movements. Equipped with 15 years of experience practicing yoga, 13 years of training in classical East Indian dance, plus coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming training, I discovered and developed a combined method to align the head, heart and gut. 

My body recovered without taking any medications. I don’t have chronic neck and back pain anymore, my immune system is back to normal.

I wake up every day with a strong purpose, certainty, clarity and head-heart-gut alignment that help me develop a strong intuition and build congruency with my actions. 

Through understanding the language of the body and how the mind and emotions actually work, we can achieve specific and desirable outcomes, build stronger and powerful nervous system, increase focus and resilience, improve quality of rest and achieve specific and desirable outcomes, faster than we ever thought possible.

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