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3-Part Mini Video Course

Freedom From Mental Block:

Uncover 3 Thinking Habits that Cause Stress

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William James says, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

But how can we choose one thought over another if we aren’t aware of what we think at the moment?

The short videos below will help you uncover three most common thinking habits that cause stress, overthinking, and dissatisfaction.

Part 1

The Shoulds, Drop Them!

Find out why ‘should’ can be destructive and why most people have a habit of using it in most aspect of their lives.

Part 2

Focussing on What’s Wrong

Find out where this habit came from and what it takes to change it.

Part 3

The Game You Can’t Ever Win

How focusing on what’s missing in life often stands in the way of having the life you really want.

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The 3-part of video course is part of From Overthinking to Clarity and Flow: A Free Challenge that I ran a few times a year. Find out the details here.

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