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Freedom From Mental Block: Uncover 3 Thinking Habits that Cause Stress

I help high achievers overcome self-doubt and remove self-made rules that cause fear, stress and anxiety so that they can connect to their innate wisdom, love, serve, live with clarity and peace of mind, through life coaching, transformative self-care and movement-based training

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Freedom From Mental Block: Uncover 3 Thinking Habits that Cause Stress

Working with Christine

What People Said

Christine helped me gain a much better understanding of inner peace and that we can’t control what others think of us.

Marlene F.

Wow! What a lovely gift Christine Samuel! Thank you so much for helping me find some happiness and inspiration for this year. I highly recommend joining this meditation group. Christine is thoughtful and talented at guiding gently and producing calm. I can’t thank you enough for this!

Tierney M.

“Her coaching expertise has put me in the center of the situation that i am trying to gain advise for, and she drives the conversation via specific questions, that is like walking in the woods with someone who hands you elements to find your way out; she prompts questions that makes you stop and think of on a different perspective, that brings at one point the realization of how to proceed with the given scenario, and with a good judgment elements to enable you to succeed.”

Juan F.

I am taking now a moment to say my deepest thanks to Christine Samuel who helped me to improve in a very important area of my life. Our coaching conversation has also inspired me to have new ideas and start new projects which already helped others to improve their lives! Christine’s wisdom can easily light up candles in your mind and the whole looks just super easy afterwards.”

Balázs N.

From The Inside Out


A Reactive Approach to Stress is Like Fighting a Forest Fire – Do This Instead

Someone asked me, “What kind of things can you do to de-stress?” It sounds like a common question. Who has never experienced stress? From dealing with a project behind schedule, adjusting with a new job, having a newborn baby to organizing a family trip.There is nothing wrong with managing stress. But what if instead of dealing with the effect of stress, we focus on preventing it?

The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

When things are getting hard, it is very natural for us to use more force to deal with them. What you may not realize, you lose a lot from this forceful approach. You lose your sensitivity and creativity. It is like something has taken over you to do the job. It doesn’t care about you anymore. It only cares about the end goal….

Speed Kills – Slow Down to Thrive

Imagine having a slice of smooth, creamy, melts-in-your-mouth chocolate cheesecake and eating it on your desk while attending a conference call, checking emails and getting ready for your next meeting – At the end of the day, you won’t remember the cake….

How to Overcome Self-Doubt When You are in a Challenging Situation

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will – Suzy Kassen. Self-doubt used to be my best friend. She enjoyed hanging out with me. She talked a lot. She loved voicing her opinion even though I didn’t ask for it.

Imagineering – Tapping Into Your Imagination to Engineer Your Future

We live too much out of our memory, too little out of our imagination. Too much on what’s been done, not enough on what’s possible. That’s like running on a treadmill, moving but hardly going anywhere.

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