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Women's Career Mastery Program

Empowering Women, Elevating Business: A dynamic Duo for Growth

Empower Women to Lead with Our Women's Career Mastery Program

Is driving growth for your business through increased engagement and retention of female employees a priority? Do you strive to reinforce your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in your culture and ES&G initiatives?


The Women's Career Mastery Program is a robust career leadership initiative that spans over six months, geared towards empowering mid-level career women in your organization to take control of their professional growth and success rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.

Our approach is unique because we don't just offer training but also provide comprehensive learning, coaching, and a supportive community that will guide participants throughout the program. Participants learn from each other in a supportive cohort environment, and as part of the program, they can expect to receive a wide range of benefits that will help them thrive in their work. We aim to equip them with a growth mindset, resources, and the confidence they need to succeed within your organization.

Enrolling your female employees in the Women's Career Mastery Program demonstrates a clear commitment to their growth and success. This commitment can increase engagement and retention throughout your organization and position your company as an attractive destination for top female talent.

This program is perfect for a company that is looking for:
  • A robust career leadership initiative to empower women in the organization.

  • A comprehensive coaching and supportive community approach that goes beyond training to guide participants throughout the program.

  • A growth mindset and resources to equip female employees with the confidence they need to succeed within the company.

  • Increased engagement and retention of female employees, positioning the company as an attractive destination for top female talent.

  • A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering a more inclusive and supportive work culture.

  • Reduced employee turnover costs and minimized time managers spend on employee career development.

  • Recognition for being a company that supports female employees in their careers and prioritizes gender equity in the workplace.

Format: Virtual or mixed in-person and virtual training.

Number of participants per cohort: Each cohort will consist of 12 people, with a dedicated facilitator/coach.

Length of Training: 6 months

Program Outcomes:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, values, and career aspirations, and learn how to align them with their professional goals.

  • Develop essential leadership skills, including communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution, that are critical for advancing in their careers.

  • Expand their network of like-minded female professionals and develop valuable relationships that can support their career growth and success.

  • Learn strategies to overcome common career obstacles and navigate the complexities of the workplace as a woman.

  • Enhance their confidence and self-efficacy, enabling them to take on new challenges and pursue opportunities within their organization.

  • Develop a growth mindset and learn how to embrace change, learn from failure, and continually improve their skills and performance.

  • Benefit from individualized coaching and feedback, enabling them to progress toward their professional goals and overcome any barriers they may face.

  • Gain recognition for their achievements and contributions within the organization, positioning them for further growth and advancement.

  • Improve their overall well-being at work, including job satisfaction, work-life balance, and mental health, enabling them to thrive personally and professionally.

What to Expect During the Program

During the program, your sponsored top female talents can expect to be part of a supportive community and a cohort-based approach that fosters a sense of belonging and growth. Our program combines online learning, group facilitation, coaching, and accountability support based on our B.E.S.T framework:

Be Authentic

We help you recognize, leverage, and amplify your unique talents, strengths, passions, and purpose, enabling you to feel more inspired at work.

Explore and Expand

With confidence, we help you take charge of your career by expanding your perspective and exploring the options and opportunities within your organization.

Sharpen Your Skills

We equip you with the skills you need to maintain your well-being and succeed in your career, including relational intelligence, navigating difficult conversations, and self-care.

Take the Lead

We enable you to identify your current and desired future roles, navigate any gaps, and speak up for your career goals, development, and advancement opportunities.

Wondering how this program can make a difference in your organization? Let's chat and find out!

Master Coaches and Facilitators:

Laura Casale
Laura Casale
Here's what women say about the program:

"This program has been such a unique contributor to my transition into Executive Leadership. I would recommend this program to anyone who is going through a career transition."

Cathy – Product Manager